Septic Tanks and Drain Cleaning

It is likely that your drainage system is in need of our services if you encounter the following:
  • Undesirable odour originating from the septic tank and percolation area
  • Wastewater overflow seeping from the septic tank or percolation area
  • Solids/wastewater retracting and reluctant to flow through the inlet pipe
  • Soakaway area appears waterlogged with visual signs of greyish vegative slime growth or solid waste

For Michael Haverty Septic Tank and Drain Cleaning Services there is no job too big or too small. Our business is equipped with a bulk tanker to facilitate the large commercial and industrial clients in addition to a smaller more compact tanker in order to gain access to drainage system via the average driveway.

Where blocked or clogged pipes may be the root of the problem we also possess a high pressure water jetting system. This technique does not involve the use of chemicals that may be harmful to the environment. It is non-invasive and does not require unnecessary digging or disruption of any sort to underlaid pipes. By using the pressure jetting system we can ensure that the build up of waste that is causing the blockage from it’s source through the drainage system is eliminated.

Grease Traps

With all commercial premises such as restaurants being fitted with Grease Traps regular maintenance is required in order to prevent blockages, unwanted odours, bacterial introduction and overflow into adjacent drainage systems. Our services are available for the upkeep and general care of such Grease Traps. By removing what is known as Brown Grease (consisting of a top layer of scum and oil and a bottom layer of solidified fat) we can ensure that your Grease Trap remains working efficiently.